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Beautiful residential lawn

Providing Professional Lawn Care Services

BMB Lawn Care is a yard care service company providing exceptional year round services to residential and commercial customers. For clients in the surrounding areas of Greenway, AR we ensure quality workmanship to every project. Committed to excellence, we are dependable and honest and promise to treat your property with care. We take pride in offering full-service lawn care services to make your lawn look like a work of art complete with primly trimmed hedges, elegant flower beds, and more to create that manicured lawn appearance.

No matter what you have envisioned for your outdoor space, rest assured that we can accomplish that and more. Call us today at (870) 634-7028 to get your free estimate!

Collage of residential lawns

Turf & Landscaping Services

At BMB Lawn Care, we're masters at lawn care services. Whether you're needing someone to mow your lawn on a week-to-week basis or you're just seeking to freshen your outdoor space with new, sleek landscaping designs, BMB is here for you. Our specialty lies in our attention to detail. Whether we're mowing or trimming hedges, we do it with a precision unmatched by competitors. We conduct our lawn care services with the health of your outdoor space as our top priority. Because when your turf is truly maintained, you'll see the results with perfectly green, flourishing grass and plants!

Have The Best-Looking Lawn or Garden in the Neighborhood!

Not only do we specialize in providing custom landscaping and maintenance, but we want you to be able to care for it yourself. We definitely understand how rewarding growing a beautiful lawn can be.

Plant & Lawn Care Products

We have the knowledge to help you rid your soil of weeds, clover, crabgrass and other lawn maladies. We can explain soil pH and how to treat your yard with the proper fertilizers to get the best grass and plants growing where you want them. We carry a wide range of knowledge about weed and insect treatments as well, so that you can spend more time enjoying your yard and gardens and less time weeding and dealing with the scads of pests that our area is known for.

Mulch & Soil

Let us provide a proper foundation for your yard and gardens. We can help any yard become a fertile paradise. We offer organic and non-organic soils and treatments and when you've planted your favorite shrubs trees or flowers, we'll advise you on the best kind of mulch for your yard, to make it look like a professional did your yard and to hold in precious moisture.

Garden Decor & Gifts

BMB Lawn Care keeps up with the latest trends in gardening and stocks a large selection of yard decorations, from flags to fountains and birdbaths, to walkway stones and markers. Our inventory is always being updated with just the right accessory that says, "You!"

Lawn Care Services

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